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Q: I've seen two different names for the non-profit. Sometimes I'll see or hear "Friends of NHS Choirs" and other times I'll see or hear "Friends of the Northwestern Choral Society." What's the difference? Are these two different organizations?
A: NO. Both are legal names of the SAME non-profit organization. The difference is, "Friends of the Northwestern Choral Society" is our FULL legal name, whereas, "Friends of NHS Choirs" is our short form, legal name. Both are acceptable to use and either can be used in correspondence or when making checks payable to our organization.

I'm confused... what's the difference between the "Parent Boosters Association" and the "Friends of the Northwestern Choral Society"?
A: In a nutshell... the Parent Boosters are a group of parents who currently have a child who is an active member of the Northwestern High School Choir, who want to take an active interest in the affairs of the Choir and their child. The Friends of the Northwestern Choral Society, Inc. (FNCS) is a legalized, non-profit corporation that functions as the business division of the Choir and can operate completely separate from the Choir and the public school system. They are not bound by any guidelines or restrictions set in place by the school system.

The Parent Boosters are completely voluntary and work directly with the Artistic Director of the Choirs to help facilitate the on-going progression of the Choirs' current missions and activities. Participation is not a requirement, however, ALL parents of Choir members are encouraged to be a part of the organization. Membership in the Parent Booster's is completely free, but, membership is limited to parents, only. Parent Booster's help lend a helping hand during fundraisers; provide assistance to the Choir at events and school functions; and they often serve as chaperones for the Choir during trips, both locally and out of town.

The Friends of the Northwestern Choral Society, Inc.
was formed to provide managerial, operational, and financial support to the Northwestern High School Choir. Membership is voluntary and includes a broad range of people, from current parents of Choir members to alumni Choir parents to current and former members of the Choir. The FNCS is a legal business which facilitates the Choirs' on-going needs and (as previously noted) function separately from the Choir. They are not bound by any of the rules, restrictions, or guidelines mandated by the public school system. The FNCS is a separate entity from the Parent Boosters, however, we're inclusive and often work closely with the Parent Boosters on many occasions. As with the Parent Boosters, participation is completely voluntary, however, there are membership fees associated with being an active member (see below). The FNCS is a collective board which has membership rankings ranging from the "President" to the "Secretary" to a "regular member." All members have a voting say in the organization and make decisions that — not only govern and effect the day-to-day functionality of the group — but also the Choir. The FNCS's main duty is the planning and orchestrating of fundraising endeavors. Other essential duties include: planning trips; coordinating travel; management of the business; and other miscellaneous functions which directly aide the Choir (e.g. purchasing required uniforms for the various ensembles).

Q: What are the requirements for joining the non-profit organization as a regular member?

A: Qualifications for membership in the incorporation of the Friends of the Northwestern Choral Society of Hyattsville, Maryland Inc., are as followed: a perspective member must be either (1) a parent of a current student in any of the Northwestern High School Choirs; (2) a current Northwestern High School Choir member; (3) a Northwestern High School Choir alumnus; (4) someone whose child will be attending Northwestern High School AND will be a Northwestern High School Choir member, within a six month time frame; or (5) a parent of a Northwestern High School Choir alumnus.

Q: I'm familiar with other non-profit corporations. Are there any membership fees required to participate?

A: Applicants shall be admitted to membership after paying the membership fee (currently at $30 but subject to change) and reviewing their affiliation to the Northwestern High School Choirs. The $30 membership fee can be paid in a series of installments. The annual dues payable to the corporation by members shall be $15.00.

Q: How many people currently comprise the "Board of Advisors"?

A: The Friends of the Northwestern Choral Society, Inc. has a seven (7) member Board of Advisors.

Q: What are the requirements for being a part of the "Board of Advisors" for the non-profit organization?

A: Advisors are required (as per our written by-laws) to be at least 21 years of age. They must attend at least 3/4 (75%) of planned meetings per calendar year (August thru June). Advisors must be nominated by an officer and win the majority vote of the members to be elected into office.

Q: Who are the "Officers" of the non-profit corporation and what duties do they serve?

A: The Officers of the our corporation consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and a Treasurer. The corporation can elect to have a chairperson of the board, one or more Vice President's, Assistant Secretaries, Assistant Treasurers, and other such officers with such titles as may be determined from time to time by the Board of Advisors.


Q: How are "Officers" of the "Board of Advisors" selected?

A: Any member in good standing may serve as an Officer of this corporation. Officers shall be elected by the members, every two (2) years, and each officer shall hold office for two (2) years or until he or she resigns or is removed or is otherwise disqualified to serve; or until his or her successor shall be elected and qualified, whichever occurs first. Officers can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms, which equate to a total, not to exceed four years.

Q: What do I do if I want to resign and can I be removed from my post if elected?

A: Any officer may be removed, by majority vote of the members, at any time. Any officer may resign at any time by giving written notice to the board of advisors or to the president or secretary of the corporation. Any such resignation shall take effect at the date of receipt of such notice or at any later date specified therein, and, unless otherwise specified therein, the acceptance of such resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective.

Q: Will I get paid/compensated for my services with the non-profit corporation?

A: Membership in the FNCS is completely voluntary; each member of the Board of Advisors shall serve without compensation except—at the discretion of the officers—that a reasonable fee may be paid to advisors for attending regular and special meetings of the board. In addition, they shall be allowed reasonable advancements or reimbursement of expenses incurred in the performance of their duties. Any payments to advisors shall be approved in advance in accordance with this corporation's conflict of interest policy, as set forth in our by-laws.


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